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Clear Phone Case - Clarity

An ultra-protective, crystal-clear phone case.

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Clear Phone Cases

We believe that clear phone cases can be protective too. That’s why we use ultra-rigid materials and impact-absorbing technologies. Our crystal-clear cases are designed to stay clear with anti-yellowing tech. But a good clear phone case should do more than protect your phone and look good - that’s why all our clear phone cases are Qi compatible for impressive wireless charging. Pair it with a Mous wireless charger, or explore our MagSafe compatible range. For ultimate protection in a stunningly clear style, pair your case with a screen protector.

Protective and clear phone cases

Supreme protection and clear phone cases might seem antithetical. We use clever engineering to ensure your phone is safe in our clear phone cases. Clarity is lined with AiroShock™, the same impact-absorbing material we use for Limitless and our AirPods cases. All of our clear phone cases are constructed using extremely rigid polycarbonate backplates. One of the top causes of phone damage is torsion, so this stiff material stops your phone getting damaged this way. Our clever construction ensures your phone is safe in a Mous clear case.

Anti-UV clear phone cases

At Mous, we believe that style is as important as substance. This ethos is evident in the fluid design of our phone mounts and the elegant black leather of our card wallets. That’s why our clear phone cases have built in anti-yellowing UV resistance to keep your case crystal-clear for longer. The tough polycarbonate is also naturally scratch resistant. Our clear phone cases will give you that barely-there look so you can show off your phone’s native aesthetic while knowing it’s properly protected.

Clear phone cases for wireless charging

We want to raise your expectations of what a phone case can do and elevate your everyday experiences with your tech. That’s why expanding functionality and never interfering with your device’s inherent capabilities is at the core of our design process for clear phone cases. All of our clear phone cases are Qi compatible, so leaving your phone case on won’t interrupt the charging process with your wireless charger. Infinity, our MagSafe compatible case, is also our first clear magnetic phone case. Use it with your MagSafe charger, or our range of MagSafe compatible accessories.

About Mous

Mous was made when we realised how hard it was to find phone cases that fit our needs. They were either protective and ugly, or slim, aesthetic and not protective at all. We decided to strike a balance, creating phone cases that protected your phone against damage caused by drops and shocks and that were beautifully made. Now we create cases which are highly aesthetic, extremely protective and limitlessly functional. We’ve extended our approach to ultimate protection, functionality and style with more amazing products like MacBook sleeves, iPad cases, and phone cables.


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