Limitless 2.0 - Bamboo Phone Case
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) Change

Bamboo Phone Case - Limitless 2.0

Superior drop protection and added functionality in a slim and sleek design
Variant: Bamboo
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Limitless 2.0 makes your phone more versatile than ever

Extreme protection
Real materials
Exclusive accessories
Screen protector included
Spare SIM storage
Face-down protection

First-Class Impact Absorption

Superior impact-absorbing AiroShock™ technology and innovative material engineering provide first-class protection

Made From Real Materials

Limitless 2.0 doesn't compromise on style or protection. Stand out with an iPhone case made from real materials; all stylish, all durable, all unique

Designed to Protect Your Screen

Raised top and bottom edges protect your phone screen, without impeding edge-to-edge swiping

Additional Functionality

Access exclusive bundle discounts when you add your case to cart! Our magnetic accessories work seamlessly with the Limitless 2.0 cases thanks to our AutoAlign™ magnetic technology

“Best premium iPhone X case”
“Protects your phone from some serious impact”
“This case is on point in both protection and style”
“The go-to-guardian for protecting your phone”

Extreme Drop Testing

We test our cases vigorously, far beyond what a phone case is likely to go through, so you can rely on them in normal day-to-day use

Long-Lasting Protection

Our phone cases are made from polycarbonate, the same material used in riot shields! This increases their durability, ensuring your phone is protected and your case maintains its appearance over time

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