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AirTag Keychain Case

Connect your AirTag seamlessly to whatever you’re least likely to find and more likely to miss


AirTag Accessories

Our AirTag accessories are designed to be stylish, versatile and to protect the things you love. When you look for cases for AirTags, review your needs carefully. You might need to move your AirTag across items throughout your day. That’s why we have dual attachment options for our AirTag case. Our AirTag accessories will suit all your needs and protect the things you love. Our AirTag case has also been designed to look stylish and minimalist so it can protect what you’re least likely to find and most likely to miss without attracting undue attention.

Stylish AirTag accessories

Our AirTag accessories are elegant, timeless and deliberately understated. Our AirTag case is made from the same supple black leather as our magnetic wallets and some phone cases. The refined leather will age beautifully into a truly unique aesthetic. Our AirTag accessories are also constructed to be minimalist and unobtrusive. You have many valuable items to which you might want to attach your AirTag - wallet, keys or laptop - and having a discreet AirTag holder will avoid undue attention.

AirTag accessories to protect the things you love

AirTag accessories are integral in allowing you to attach the device to the things you need to protect. Whether that’s an iPad case or MacBook sleeve, our AirTag case will help you keep track. For some people when they think of things to which they can attach an AirTag, dog collar might come to mind. Cat people might look at an AirTag: cat collar for them. Either way, our AirTag accessories will help protect beloved pets who might have a habit of running off.

Versatile AirTag accessories

Our AirTag accessories are extremely versatile thanks to the dual attachment options and magnetic closure. AirTag battery life is exceptionally long, but when you need to charge it, the magnetic closure on our AirTag case lets you access it fast without compromising its security. Our experience with wireless chargers means we know how important that is. When your AirTag is fully charged, you can then make the most of both the keychain and snap fastening loop on the AirTag case. You can keep it on your keys at all times, or swap between work bag and gym bag throughout the day. Just like when it comes to straps for your phone case, having multiple options for attaching your AirTag accessories is so useful.

We Are Mous

Mous is on a mission to create tech accessories which let you do more with your devices. We saw an uninspiring marketplace filled with phone cases that were either protective and ugly, or beautiful and flimsy. We wanted to do better. A few years and many drop-tests later, we have a range of extremely protective, functional and stylish tech accessories including, clear cases, magnetic mounts and a MagSafe® compatible range.

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