How Good Are Mous iPad Cases for Kids?

Let’s face it. Having a kid and having an iPad means your kid having an iPad. And that means you need to find iPad cases for kids who aren’t always as careful as they should be. iPads can be a great educational and creative tool for kids, so fear of damage shouldn’t put you off letting your little ones loose on your iPad. We designed the Mous iPad case to be extremely protective and functional, which makes them pretty kid-proof iPad cases. Here’s why:

It’s Built to Protect

If you’re looking for iPad cases for kids who tend to drop things, knock things or even throw things on occasion, we recommend some heavy duty protection. The Mous iPad case is lined with AiroFoamTM, a protective material that we designed ourselves. It forms then breaks hydrogen bonds. These bonds absorb the impact of the shock to protect your device. When you’re looking for iPad cases for children, thinking about shockproof cases is a great idea, and a Mous case will protect your iPad from some heavy duty shocks. 

Heavy Duty Doesn’t Need to Mean Heavy

When it comes to iPad cases for kids, it can be hard to find something durable enough to protect your tech, but light enough for your little ones. We’ve constructed Mous iPad cases to be impressively light without compromising on protection. Child friendly iPad cases should be cases your child can carry with less risk of dropping the iPad or injuring themselves. Not to mention the ultra-streamlined design makes it no hassle for parents to take the iPad out and about.

More Screen Less Scream

To make totally kid-proof iPad cases you also need to protect the screen. Kids drop things, they knock things, they get overexcited or upset and just think how often the casualty is glass. Fortunately, Mous iPad cases look after your iPad’s screen. When the folio is closed, it provides 360 degree protection from drops and shocks and guards against scratches, cracks and smashes. Even when the folio is open, its raised edges protect your screen without impeding on the viewing surface. This means if your iPad gets dropped face down, the edges of the case hit the ground first, potentially saving your screen. That said, when purchasing iPad cases for kids and adults alike, always buy a screen protector for maximum protection.

Get the Right Angle

While you want to avoid your kid breaking your device, iPad cases for kids are best when they improve their experience with the tech. Our iPad case has 4 standing angles, each optimised for different uses. Whether your kid uses the iPad for watching TV, doing homework, or letting their creativity flow with the Apple Pencil, the Mous iPad Case has an angle for that. And no need to worry about them knocking over the kickstand either - its magnetic design is stable and secure. Child friendly iPad cases are the ones which are the most useful for children. 

So How Good Are Mous iPad Cases for Kids?

In a word: great. A lot of people are concerned about iPads, their kids and safety. If you have a Mous iPad case, there’s no need to worry. Extreme drop protection, including for your screen, will keep your iPad safe even when the kids aren’t careful. What’s more, the multiple standing angles and lightweight build will enhance their experience with the device. 

Mous iPad cases are kid-proof cases because they’re protective; they’re child friendly cases because they’re functional; and Mous iPad cases are great for parents because they look great.

Get yours here.

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